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                Changzhou street lamp technology first in the country because of him

                Datetime: 2017-04-24 16:22:55    View: 149

                This year, 70 year old Zhang Hua, is the former director of the office of the street lamp, although retirement has been for 10 years, but he still went to the unit every day, doing some work within their ability. Like Jiang Hongxing, one of the 10 veteran Zhang Hua is Changzhou city street management was established, but he is more attention to street technology, Changzhou Street Technology hit more than the first, he is the leader of the leading, is hundred-percent street in Changzhou science and technology progress.

                "Using the photoelectric controller on the street lamp, Changzhou is the first in the country." And this is the first, Zhang Hua personally to build. Zhang Hua said, in the street just set up, all the lights are in Changzhou with pull by way of staff manual control, although later also tried some imported automatic control device, but the effect is not very ideal.

                "At that time, I had no intention to come into contact with the photoelectric controller, I think this thing can not be installed on the street lamp?" In the 70s of last century, and the occasional contact with the photoelectric controller to let Zhang Hua have this idea, he immediately began to investigate and research. At that time in the country has never used a photoelectric controller to control street lights, all by himself from scratch. And Zhang Huashu only read to junior high school, he went around to borrow, buy and photoelectric control related books, study the knowledge of electronic circuits, design and draw out the first application of the photoelectric controller on the street lamp. After purchasing and parts, yourself to create and install the first use of the street lamp photovoltaic controller, the photoelectric control machine can not only control the lights automatically according to the weather, but also deal with lightning and other special weather, this is the first in the country.

                In addition to the photoelectric controller, Changzhou is also the country"s first use of rod lighting. At that time, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities in the large-scale lighting, are installed in the top of the building, so the scope of the lighting is limited." Zhang Hua said, at that time they were thinking, why can not do a particularly high lamp post, a lamp to illuminate all around it?

                After the efforts of Zhang Hua and others, in April 1969 the Changzhou street lamps in the province often in the playground erected 27 meters high cement rod, the top of the rod installed on the top of the 2 sets of 10 kilowatts of xenon lamps, lighting range is ordinary street lamps of 3 ~ 4 times. On this basis, Zhang Hua and colleagues have also put the lamp manufacturing installation and maintenance, summed up a set of standards, released in 1992, the industry standard "Interim Provisions" and the 1998 release of the pole technology national industry standard "high pole lighting technology conditions", Zhang Hua is the main drafter.

                It is with the Zhang Hua street lamps, Changzhou lighting technology has been walking in the forefront of the country. Changzhou Street Management Office has developed the "three remote" street lamp automatic control system, is one of the earliest use of the system of the city; Changzhou lighting is also editor and editor of the "City Lighting Engineering Handbook", "Atlas", "City Lighting City lighting installation engineering construction atlas", "Jiangsu Province city road lighting engineering technical specifications" and "Jiangsu city road lighting safety work rules" and many other industry standards and norms.